Myers Drip

Need a pick me up? Enhance your overall well-being. This cocktail supports the immune system, promotes bone health, helps relieve pain and inflammation. Used for migraines, asthma, fatigue fibromyalgia, muscle pain, sinus infections, respiratory infections, Lyme disease, jet lag and fatigue

magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, methylcobalamin (b12), B Complex and ascorbic Acid and 500 ml of normal saline

High Dose Vitamin C

antioxidant, immune booster, collagen booster, supports cardiovascular health, aids in iron absorption. We offer 15 thousand milligrams for a dose of vitamin C.

Slim Drip Infusion

Are you constantly fighting the battle of the bulges? Midsection got you feeling down? Try this unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals with fat burning ingredients to speed up your metabolism and give you energy

Consist of 3 different infusions which include, glutathione, Vitamins and hydration bag , Alpha Lipoic Acid and an injection of LipoB. Takes 1-2 hours for treatment .

Migrane Drip

Do you suffer from chronic migraines or the occasional headache. If so, this drip is for you. Avoid the long wait and expense of an ER visit. Get rid of that headache fast with an infusion of fluids, Toradol, steroids, Benadryl and Zofran.

Hang Over Drip

Prevent, reduce or eliminate pre drinking or post drinking hangover. Offer group discount for pre/post bachelor bachelorette party, Pre/post wedding reception, event gatherings.

Beauty Drip

Promotes glowing skin, hair and nails while detoxifying and hydrating. We offer discounts to in-home beauty parties.

nurse administrating IV drip

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