Preventive health care is important to identify issues before they become serious health problems. Physicals or medical exams are used to ensure individuals are healthy. Whether your employer requires a physical or you just want a wellness exam for peace of mind, come see us at Skin and Body Bar. We offer physicals for kids, teens and adults at our walk-in clinic in Historic Downtown Frankfort, IL.

Physicals evaluate your overall health for a specific purpose. Kids often need to have a yearly school physical to ensure they are healthy to attend classes or a sports physical to participate in football, basketball, baseball or other activities. These physicals are meant to protect both the child and school as a whole to avoid injuries or illnesses.

Kids and teens are not the only ones who may need a physical or exam. Adults may need to provide proof of good health for work or other events. Employers may require a pre-employment physical to ensure individuals are healthy enough to perform the job. Insurance companies also may require a physical exam before issuing life insurance policies.

Pre-employment/School/Sports/Wellness Physicals

Depending on the type of physical, various health factors may be evaluated. It is common to check temperature, blood pressure, weight, reflexes, heart rate and eye sight during most physicals. Our medical team can perform the needed tests and exams required for most physicals and wellness exams.

If you need a physical performed before your child goes back to school or for other purposes, contact us at Skin and Body Bar. Call to schedule an appointment. We accept most healthcare insurance plans, including all PPOs and Medicaid.

a stethoscope, thermometer and medical equipment used for medical physical evaluation

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